HONDA EP3 2001-05 CAGE

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HONDA EP3 2001-05 CAGE


10 point 1 5/8 - 1.625 in .083 wall, NHRA Sportsman kit 
Able to be Certified for 8.50@185mph and slower ET 

Basic Kit $1398.99 
-Bent hoop with both bars and 1 1/4 “v bars” welded in ready to install 
-Straight door bars no door panels (must buy upgraded bent door bars separate)
-Straight rear bars no rear seats (must buy upgraded bent rear bars separate)
-6 mild steel .125 plates 
- Rear bent is included in the basic kit
-Weld in ready, that may require minor fitment modifications that are recommended to be performed by a professional.
-Designed with side plastics and headliner (no headliner, or side-rear plastic must be discussed with us for changes and cost. Example: Headliner removal would create a 2 inch plus “gap” we may or may not have the options for your vehicle. 

Some pictures may show options and or upgrades NOT INCLUDED in the base kit $1398.99 price. That means some items like "bent door bars" are pictured but not included in the base kit because we are limited with pictures that we are able to use. Those items are all an option to add for an additional price. Please contact us if you have any questions about what you are purchasing and what you expect to receive. 

All cages that are sold by Whitfield Mfg are a production line product. There may be some minor specific modifications to make the cage fit your exact vehicle that will need to be performed by a professional.

*Must mount race seat only to gain head room
*Rear window must be converted to lexan and will not roll up and down
*Trunk will need to be cut