EF SUB-FRAME 1988-1991

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1988-1991 EF Rear Sub-Frame available w/ and w/o sway-bar mounting points . Must mention when ordering unit . Made from 4130 Chromoly and Tig welded and will ship powder coat black which is included in list price . Picture of coated Sub-Frame shows swap bar mount 


Weight - 12.5 lb 

Shipping weight is approx - 16lb

Box Size - 10x10x36 


Fits all the following motor swaps as confirmed so far with no modification : D - B - K - K Lean ( Hasport Mounts ) V6


Fits Crx - Hatch - Sedan - 2wd Wagon 


Options - You can add the Ktuned rear stabilizer bar set up for people NOT using sway- bar set up only 170.00 




Remember these chassis are up to 30 years old and are twisted and could be a difficult install . We test fit all units before shipping on a stock Crx chassis here at shop and all units are made and welded on a custom made jig . Installation should be done by a professional and taking your time using good common sense. Example never tighten 1 bold before gettting them all started first, and so on.