25.5 - 25.3 - 25.1 Cage Builds Available

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In-House only builds available for Front / Rear / All Wheel Drive chassis pricing is based off of options and design we set up when you schedule appointment. Appointment is to go over all the options for the many desings and add on parts. Non-Refundable 500.00 desposit is required for appointment to talk over your desires. 8,500.00 is cage work only w/cert all prep/removale of roof/floor or body parts is charged 150.00 per hour and consumables to do work. Port 2 Port is billed if car needs to be taken to sand blast, acid dip paint etc. A storage fee is billed @65.00 per day when car is not being worked on based off of Whitfield waiting for customer to supply or deside on a part or step of build. 

Car shown is 1996-2000 Honda Civic Coupe with 6.0 Certification and is not priced as shown. This car was over 15k as pictured